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We offer private lessons in scent detection dog training and puppy training. More info on Canine Massage Therapy here.

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was born in 2013 out of the passion for dog's olfaction. It was found by Jenny Koljonen and Päivi Romppainen. We are best known for the pioneer work of Human ID Scent Tracking for civilian dogs and work in co-operation with selected dog training professionals. We believe there is an eager working dog inside of every family dog. Dare to release it.


Jenny Koljonen, +358 40 5959606, jenny [ät]

Päivi Romppainen, +358 40 5104040, paivi [ät]

"Nobody is perfect but a team can be." - Meredith Belbin 

Jenny Koljonen

Co-Founder, Training Instructor, Dog Trainer & Canine Massage Therapist

Special Skills and Interests: Scent Detection Work, Human ID Scent Tracking, Tracking & Searching, Puppy training, Canine Physical Condition&Body Maintenance


Dogs: Rottweiler/Boxer-Doberman Mix Rokki (b. 2009), Beauceron Myy (b. 2013), German Shepherd Nero (b. 2006)

Education: Animal Trainer, Competence-based qualification (Kao 2011) with internships at The Guide Dog School, The Finnish Society of Hearing and Aid Dogs, The Helsinki Society for Animal Protection, The Police Dog Training Centre and Kainuu Vocational Collage: training projects of civilian and working pups. Canine Massage Therapist, Preparatory training for competence-based qualification (Amiedu 2017). MA (Helsinki University 2003)

Projects: Human ID Scent Tracking for civilian dog handlers by Ilkka Hormila 2010: participant with own dog, The CogniDog Project (Eye-tracking camera research perception in dogs & Thermal imaging research on animal emotions, Helsinki University 2012, 2015): participant with own dogs, Viper Detection Project, Animal Trainers of Finland 2013: participant with own dog, Hypo Dog Pilot, together with Päivi, 2013-2014

Also: Founder at Copycat

Päivi Romppainen

Co-Founder, Training Instructor & Dog Trainer


Special Skills and Interests: Human ID Scent Detection Work, Tracking & Searching, Nose Work, Hypo Alert Dog Training, Behavioral Counseling

Dogs: Australian Shepherds Martta (2009), Bronto (2013).

Cat: Roope (1998)

Education: Animal Trainer, Competence-based qualification (Amiedu 2015)

Projects: Human ID Scent Tracking for civilian dog handlers by Ilkka Hormila 2010, participant with own dog, Hypo Dog Pilot Project, together with Jenny, 2013-2014

Also: Nose Work Trial Judge, Editor in Chief of Police Dog Magazine, Author of the books:

  • Finnish Police Dogs at Work, 2007
  • Dog Breeds and Their Original Use, 2010
  • Successful Dog Training (with Tommy Wiren), 2012
  • Nicely on a Leash (with Tommy Wiren), 2014
  • Human ID Scent Detection Dogs, Tracking and Searching (with Ilkka  Hormila), coming 2017